Why should you clean the air ducts?

According to various studies, the indoor air is sometimes up to 5 times worse than the outside air from a pollution standpoint. Even if you have disposable filters you will see that those don’t really remove more than 10% of the pollutants, with the remaining 90% being there to roam free. Stuff like animal dander, mold spores, pollen and dust can accumulate and cause damage to your personal health. This type of materials will collect in the duct surfaces, air conditioner or any other similar place. Sure, the floor and furniture might be cleaned regularly but the other places might require professional equipment. If you don’t address them often then you will have to deal with plenty of health issues. Pollutants like these need to be removed fast and you can do that with the proper duct cleaning equipment. If you have a humidifier and air conditioner, then you have to address their air systems too as they can be filled with pollutants as well.

Can mold appear in the duct system and what type of issues can it cause?

An important thing to note is that the mold spores will require a temperature that’s stable as well as moisture and a food sources such as dirt or dust. The air conditioning unit is the perfect place for them and that’s why you have to clean it often. The molds will release allergens into the air and sometimes this can trigger severe allergies in around 10% of the entire population. If you are exposed for long term, you might have to deal with a massive chemical sensitivity.

How often should you clean the HVAC system?

As you can expect there are multiple factors that will require you to clean the unit at a specific time. Some of these are:

  • If you have smokers in the home
  • If the previous occupants cleaned the HVAC system
  • After remodeling or renovations
  • If you have a resident that has asthma or allergies
  • If you have pets that shed lots of dander and hair

How should the HVAC system be cleaned?

Maybe the best method that can be used in order to clean the ventilation systems and the air ducts is to use the Source Removal method. This enables you to use a negative pressure to eliminate the debris and dander from the air. The vacuum will grab the air and some devices will be used in order to remove all the debris. The latter will go through the vacuum ducts and then reach the outside of your home.

What air system parts should you clean?

Each air system has 3 parts, and these include the air handler and furnace, the interior surfaces as well as the return and supply grills. You have to clean all of these if you want to avoid any problems otherwise you will have to deal with contaminations.

How long can the air duct cleaning process be?

The duration of this process varies but it can be anywhere from 2-4 hours, it depends on the experience of the team and the tools used for this. The homes with pets or the older homes will take some more time, depending on the situation. The new homes which are cleaner will obviously require less cleaning time.

What is the average cost for this process?

The costs will vary quite a lot depending on the situation, but most of the time you will have to pay around $800 for a larger home and $200 for a smaller one. You will know a quote after our team comes to assess the situation!