What is dryer vent cleaning?

This is a simple process that will solve a variety of dryer issues. Thankfully, you can identify the need for such a service if:

  • Your dryer will take more than 40 minutes to dry a single laundry load
  • If you saw that the energy bill increased without any major changes in your regular use
  • If the vents emit a burning smell or if they are very hot

How often should you clean the dryer vent?

The frequency will be determined most of the time based on usage and age. If the dryer is older than 8-10 years then you do need to clean it more often. The same applies with dryers that are used very often, the more you clean them the better the results will be in the end. Most of the time the best idea is to clean your dryer one each 2 years.

Why clean residential or commercial dryer vents?

If you access professional dryer vent cleaning services you will lower fire risks all while lowering the electricity bills and increasing the overall energy efficiency. Dryer vents that are clogged will usually have to work a lot harder and that means they will have a much shorter life expectancy. Proper cleaning and maintenance will increase the lifespan all while delivering astounding performance and incredible results.

How are the dryer vents cleaned?

The cleaning process requires a professional to use a vacuum system and a brush which will go all through the vent length. If there is any lint, it will be removed fast!

Do my dryer vents need to be cleaned?

You need to use this checklist to see if your vent needs cleaning or not:

  • Clothing is taking a lot more time to dry
  • Clothing is damp yet very hot when the dryer finishes its job
  • The dryer is a lot hotter than usual
  • You can’t find any lint, for example the exhaust system might be clogged!